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Introducing Gracie's Heart

A new series by author and illustrator Gail Mulder

Ducky Breathing


A Mindful Adventure

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My Story


Gail Mulder has been teaching for over 38 years and loves it as much as she did that very first year. She has been an educator in California, New Jersey and currently Virginia. In the process, Gail was named Teacher of the Year and nominated for Disney’s American Teacher Award. She has loved enchanting her students with “Ms. Mulder stories”. It wasn’t until recently that her watercolor paintings began to tell her stories for her. She is known amongst her students for being “mean and proud of it” (with a wink, wink).


Life’s bazillion experiences have taught Gail to sing without care, be OK with messy junk drawers, accept unruly hair and… be where her feet are. She loves to create in her upstairs art studio overlooking her garden oasis and enjoys crafting jewelry, painting, design, and playing dress-up. You can usually find her with her family, riding her motorcycle or bicycle, or frolicking with her beloved ball-obsessed golden retriever, River.

My Books

Ducky Breathing


A Mindful Adventure by Gail Mulder

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